2021 Fertilizer Focus

2021 Fertilizer Focus


Using Fertilizers Efficiently
Maximizing all nutrients on the farm
Nitrogen Sales Increase in 2020
How to align green deal reduction targets with our needs
Lots of choice when it comes to fertilizer
Keep Health & Safety in mind when handling fertilizer
LESS technology delivers more nitrogen
4 Rs to achieving efficient nitrogen use
Fertilizing clover swards in pasture systems
Lime what you need to know
Protected Urea, a better environmental choice
Changes to requirements for the nitrates derogation
Irish farmers embracing fertilizer plastic recycling
Utilizing buffer zones to protect to protect water quality
Transitioning to more sustainable farming


Mark Plunkett
William Burchill
Barry O’Reilly
Jack Nolan

Gavan McGowan
Francis Bligh

Mark Plunkett & David Wall
Mark Plunkett
James Humphreys & Dan Barrett
Eoin O’Carroll & David Wall
PJ O’Connor
Jeremiah Murphy & PJ Browne

John Carroll

Noel Meehan

Donal Sheehan

2021 Fertilizer Focus

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