2022 Fertilizer Focus

2022 Fertilizer Focus


Remembering past lessons for future growth. Cattle slurry a valuable source of N, P and K Buying fertiliser: options and strategies for the grassland farmer Technologies that improve farm sustainability Maximising nutrient use efficiency under changing legislation Nitrogen options for tillage farmers to use in 2022
Top of the Lime Q&A Soil fertility sees a big improvement Setting up the fertiliser spreader Potassium plays key role in cereals and grassland Don’t forget to apply sulphur in 2022


  • Paddy Casey
  • Tim Sheil
  • Harold Kingston & Thomas Ryan
  • Patrick Forrestal
  • David Wall
  • Mark Plunkett
  • Stan Lalor
  • Dermot Forristal
  • Mark Tucker

Irish Farmers Journal – Fertilizer Focus Supplement 2022

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