Awards roll of honour

Fertilizer Association of Ireland recognises Achievement and Excellence

The Association is involved in three initiatives that recognise academic achievement in soil science and nutrient management, as well as honouring those who have made significant contributions to the association and the industry over their careers. These three initiatives specifically involve:

1. UCD Soil Science Award:

This prize is awarded by the Fertilizer Association of Ireland to the student who obtains the highest grade in the Module “Soil Science Basics” in Stage 2 of the B.Agr.Sc. degree programme at UCD.

2. Fertilizer Association Special Merit Award:

This prize is awarded by the Fertilizer Association of Ireland in recognition of individual contributions to the association, and to the fertilizer industry in Ireland in their Careers.

3. Crops Nutrition Management Course Award:

This prize is awarded to the candidates who receive the Top Marks each year in the Crops Nutrition Management Course run by Teagasc with the support Fertilizer Association of Ireland. The award is sponsored by K & S Kali Ltd.

James Higgins 2023
Cian Mongey 2022
Ciara Fox 2021
Conor Keane 2020
Cian Minogue 2019
John Francis O'Grady 2018
Conor Cullen-O’Reilly 2017
Nigel Kennington 2016
Tomas Tubritt 2015
Niamh Garvey 2014
Ruth Fennell 2013
Sarah Noonan 2012
Lorraine O'Hara 2011
Padraig Kelly 2010
Tracey O'Connor 2009
Lorraine Davis 2008
Sarah Delaney 2007
Melanie De Wit 2006
Ross Buchanan 2005
Laurence Maguire 2004
Carol Nugent 2003
Paul Doherty 2002
Sean McCarthy & Timothy Purcell 2001
Stanley Lalor 2000
Sacha Hugentobler 1999
Donagh Berry 1998
William Dunphy 1997
Jeremiah Flynn 1996
Mr. Jeremiah Murphy 2022 Speech
Dr. Brian Coulter 2019
Dr. Noel Culleton 2016
Mr. Gary Leonard 2014
Dr. Matt Dempsey 2012
Dr. William Murphy 2010
Ed Healy 2022
Eddie Young, CR Wyne, Belan Kildare 2019
Brian Moore 2018
Michael Kennedy 2017
Philip Reck 2016
Ciara O'Donovan 2015
Joe Lalor 2014
Ger Hanley 2013
Richard Kennedy 2012
Tony Nugent 2011
John Mulhare & John Anthony 2010

UCD Soil Science Award Winner 2012

November 22, 2012

The 2012 UCD Soil Science Award was won by Sarah Noonan

Crop Nutrition Course Award 2011

February 9, 2012

Tony Nugent was the 2011 winner of the Top Student Award in the Crops Nutrition Management Course

UCD Soil Science Award Winner 2011

November 22, 2011

The 2011 UCD Soil Science Award was won by Lorraine O’Hara

Crop Nutrition Course Award 2010

February 22, 2011

Crops Nutrition Management Course Award in 2010 was shared by John Mulhare and John Anthony

Fertilizer Association Special Merit Award 2010

November 26, 2010

Matt Dempsey, Editor, Irish Farmers Journal, receiving the Fertilizer Association of Ireland Special Merit Award from Stan Lalor, President, at the Fertilizer Association Annual Dinner at the Killashee House Hotel on 30 November 2012.

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