Animal Manures

The nutrient content of animal manures varies with the dilution. The recommendations in the Code of Good Practice relate to well stored animal manure.

Covered slatted stored cattle slurry would have 7% to 8% dry matter.

Note – 11m3 per hectare = 1,000 gallons per acre.

4.5 tonnes (4,572 Kgs) of dungstead manure are the equivalent weight of 1,000 gallons of slurry.

Guide values for the nutrient content of a range of farm slurries and manures is given below.

Kg./tonne (units/1000 gls). Kg./tonne (units/tonne)

NutrientCattle SlurryPig SlurryDungstead ManureFarmyard Manure
N. *5.0 (45)4.3 (39)3.5 (7)4.5 (9)
P.0.7 (6)1.4 (13)0.9 (2)1.2 (2)
K.5.0 (45)2.2 (20)4.0 (8)6.0 (12)

*Note all the nitrogen is not available for plant growth. Its availability can vary from 0 to 50% depending on type of manure, time and method of application. Only 25% of the nitrogen is available for Spring applications. Assume no nitrogen contribution from slurry or manure applied at other times of year.

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