Nutrient Programme

Soil Nutrient Programme

When devising a fertilizer programme the soil fertility status must be known on foot of regular soil testing. The amounts applied can then be determined to ensure optimum yields without causing environmental damage. There must be full recognition of all sources of nutrients, both organic and inorganic. Regular soil testing is very important to help maintain a balance of nutrients in the soil.


N = Nitrogen     P = Phosphorus     K = Potassium


Make sure that you understand the precise nature of the recommendation. Kilograms per hectare (kg/ha) are different from units per acre.

1 unit per acre = 1.23 kg/ha

100 units per acre = 123 kg/ha


1 bag of 27.5% N = 27.5 units N = 13.7 kg. N.

1 bag of 18-6-12 = 18.0 inits N = 9.0 kg. N = 6.0 units P = 3.0 kg. P.  = 12.0 units K = 6.0 kg. K.

1 hactre (ha) = 2.47 acres

1 part per million (ppm) = 1 milligram per litre (1 mg/l).

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P & K Calculator

The P & K calculator is an online calculator for estimating P and K fertilizer requirements for grassland and crops. It is available online, or via the iOS and Android Smart Phone Apps.P & K Calculator