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Fertilizer Focus – Every Spring in the Irish Farmers Journal


The Fertilizer Association of Ireland publish an annual fertilizer supplement in February every year in the Irish Farmers Journal.

The Association is very thankful to the Irish Farmers Journal, and to all our contributors to these supplements over the years.

Archives of this annual publication can be viewed below:

Fertilizer Focus IFJ Supplements

2023 Fertilizer Focus

March 6, 2023

Topics Fertiliser Stats & Soil Fertility Trends 2022. New Fertilizer Association of Ireland Website. Improving N efficiency on Tillage Farms. […]

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2022 Fertilizer Focus

February 5, 2022

Topics Remembering past lessons for future growth. Cattle slurry a valuable source of N, P and K Buying fertiliser: options […]

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2021 Fertilizer Focus

February 6, 2021

Topics Using Fertilizers Efficiently Maximizing all nutrients on the farm Nitrogen Sales Increase in 2020 How to align green deal […]

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2020 Fertilizer Focus

February 8, 2020

Topic Efficient Fertilizer is still important Efficient Fertilizer use and climate change Fertilizer Association Trip to Scotland Potassium: Essential for […]

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2019 Fertilizer Focus

February 9, 2019

topics Sustainability through efficient use of fertiliser Positive signs: Have we turned the corner with soil fertility Phosphorus is the […]

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2018 Fertilizer Focus

February 10, 2018

Topic History of the Fertilizer Association The precise application of fertilisers How sustainable are Irish dairy farms? Soil phosphorus management […]

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2017 Fertilizer Focus

February 11, 2017

Topic Soil Fertility Priorities Lime on Heavy Soils Nitrogen for Winter Barley Revised Teagasc Advice P & K for cereals […]

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2016 Fertilizer Focus

February 6, 2016

Topic Soil Fertility is Crucial Sulphur for Grass Soil Fertility trends Soil Fertility on Heavy Farms Pig Manure Lime Soil […]

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2015 Fertilizer Focus

February 7, 2015

Topic Versatility with Nutrient Management Lime Efficiency to Reduce Costs Can & Urea National Soil Fertility Fertilizer Product Choice Slurry […]

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2014 Fertilizer Focus

February 8, 2014

Topic Plan Ahead to Reduce Costs Avoid K holidays Nitrates Changes P & K for Cereals Predicting soil N supply […]

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2013 Fertilizer Focus

February 9, 2013

Topic Key Role of Fertilizer FH 2020 & Fertilizer Soil fertility and Offtake Fertilizer spreading Recycling Fertilizer Packaging Lime Farm […]

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2012 Fertilizer Focus

February 11, 2012

Topic Balanced Fertilizer Applications Spreading Fertilizer Crops Nutrition Management Course Nitrates Compliance Q&A 5 Steps to Soil Fertility Sulphur Farm […]

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