What can I do about high fertilizer prices?

Click Here for the Fertilizer Association's recent advice on "What to do about high fertilizer prices".     

Fertilizer Video Series – Efficient Use of Fertilisers

The Fertiliser Association of Ireland are producing a short video series on the efficient use of fertilisers. The first three videos (shown here) in the series will focus on the (i) importance of taking good soils samples (ii)

Video 4 – Soil Tests Results Analysis

In video 3 in our series of on Soil Fertility, Michael Doran discussed how he plans his soil testing campaign. Michael has now got his results back and he discusses them with David Wall of Teagasc. For further information

Video 3. Soil Analysis Process

The third video in the Fertiliser Association of Ireland video series on the Efficient Use of Fertilisers outlines the key steps in the soil analysis process in the laboratory.  Brendan Healy, Soil laboratory manager, Johnstown Castle outlines the key

Video 2. Soil Sampling & Fertilizer Planning

Dr. David Wall discusses the keys steps when taking soil samples with dairy, beef & tillage farmer Michael Doran, South Co. Wexford. For further information on soil sampling refer to FAI’s technical bulletin No. 1  Soil Sampling, Why

Video 1. Taking a Soil Sample – Best Practice

Tim outlines the key steps to taking good soil samples in this short video. For further information on soil sampling refer to FAI’s technical bulletin: Full Technical Bulletin - Soil Samplinbg - Why & How         [video poster="https://www.fertilizer-assoc.ie/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Tim-Sheils.jpg" width="1280"

Time for Building Soil Potassium (K)

Click Here for the Fertilizer Association's recent advice on Building Soil Potassium (K).

Drought Conditions – Fertilizer Advice – June 2020.

During the drought conditions we are experiencing currently and with rain forecast, its important you get your fertilizer strategy right.  Click here for our recent Drought Conditions - Fertilizer Advice.

Grass & Muck 2018 – Precise Application of Fertilizer

Thank you FTMTA for asking us to Grass & Muck 2018 to present our Preices Application of Fertilizer Event. We had plenty of interest on the day in all aspects of fertilizers and lime.   

Precise Application of Fertilizers Workshop – Teagasc, Ballyhaise College, Co. Cavan, Thursday 24th May

Read More: After an initial delay due to weather, Teagasc in association with the Fertiliser Association of Ireland held the second of the two workshops on the Precise Application of Fertilisers. Particular thanks to all Teagasc staff for facilitating the

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P & K Calculator

The P & K calculator is an online calculator for estimating P and K fertilizer requirements for grassland and crops. It is available online, or via the iOS and Android Smart Phone Apps.P & K Calculator


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