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Fertilizer Focus – Every Spring in the Irish Farmers Journal

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The Fertilizer Association of Ireland publish an annual fertilizer supplement in February every year in the Irish Farmers Journal.

The Association is very thankful to the Irish Farmers Journal, and to all our contributors to these supplements over the years.

Archives of this annual publication can be viewed below:

Fertilizer Focus IFJ Supplements

YearPublication DateTopicsContributorsLink to Download
20225 Feb 22Remembering past lessons for future growth.
Cattle slurry a valuable source of N, P and K
Buying fertiliser: options and strategies for the grassland farmer
Technologies that improve farm sustainability
Maximising nutrient use efficiency under changing legislation
Nitrogen options for tillage farmers to use in 2022
Top of the Lime Q&A
Soil fertility sees a big improvement
Setting up the fertiliser spreader
Potassium plays key role in cereals and grassland
Don't forget to apply sulphur in 2022
Timothy Sheil

Mark Plunkett and David Wall

Peter Ging and Gavin McGowan

Fergal Maguire and Owen McPartland
Dymphna Kehoe

Dr Richie Hackett

Eoin O'Carroll and David Wall
Paddy Casey and John Clarke
Francis Quigley

Kieran Holden and PJ O'Connor
PJ O'Connor and Tim Sheil
2022 Fertilizer Focus
20216 Feb 2021Using Fertilizers Efficiently
Maximizing all nutrients on the farm
Nitrogen Sales Increase in 2020
How to align green deal reduction targets with our needs
Lots of choice when it comes to fertilizer
Keep Health & Safety in mind when handling fertilizer
LESS technology delivers more nitrogen
4 Rs to achieving efficient nitrogen use
Fertilizing clover swards in pasture systems
Lime what you need to know
Protected Urea, a better environmental choice
Changes to requirements for the nitrates derogation
Irish farmers embracing fertilizer plastic recycling
Utilizing buffer zones to protect to protect water quality
Transitioning to more sustainable farming
Mark Plunkett
William Burchill
Barry O’Reilly
Jack Nolan

Gavan McGowan
Francis Bligh

Mark Plunkett & David Wall
Mark Plunkett
James Humphreys & Dan Barrett
Eoin O’Carroll & David Wall
PJ O’Connor
Jeremiah Murphy & PJ Browne

John Carroll

Noel Meehan

Donal Sheehan
2021 Fertilizer Focus
20208 Feb 2020Efficient Fertilizer is still important
Efficient Fertilizer use and climate change
Fertilizer Association Trip to Scotland
Potassium: Essential for good crop production
Lime your soils to maximise fertilizer efficiency
Awards for excellence in Industry
Farming in a low emmisions environment
Fertilizer Handling Safety Tips
Protected UREA: New Technology to improve efficiency and reduce emmisions
Guidelines for the dafe handling of fertilizer
A collaborative approach to improving water quality
Fertilizer & Soil Fertility trends over the last decade
Mark Plunkett
Mark Plunkett
Tim Shiel
Chris Dawson
Eoin O'Carroll
Peter Ging
Ger Courtney

Mark Plunkett & Patrick Forrestal
Noel Meehan
David Wall, Paddy Casey, Mark Plunkett
2020 Fertilizer Focus
20199 Feb 2019Sustainability through efficient use of fertiliser
Positive signs: Have we turned the corner with soil fertility
Phosphorus is the starter motor of growth
Challenges and oppertunities for sustainable fertilizer use.
Top 10 Tips on Potash
Identifying and managing soil compaction
How you can save money with smarter farming
New EU Fertilizer Regulations in Place
Think safety when using fertilizer
Peter Ging
Mark Plunke and David Wall

David Wall
Mark Plunkett
John Williams, Anne Bhogal, Paul Newell-Price and Lizzie Sagoo - ADAS Boxworth UK
Irish Farmers Assoc.
John Corr - DAFM
Irish Fertiliser Manufacturers Association
2019 Fertilizer Focus
201810 Feb 2018History of the Fertilizer Association
The precise application of fertilisers
How sustainable are Irish dairy farms?
Soil phosphorus management and water quality
Good practice for the protection of water regulations
Fertiliser options and new P allowances
Lessons from abroad in the fertiliser world
Safety hints when handling fertiliser
Jeremiah Murphy & Noel Culleton
Mark Plunkett
James Humphreys
Noeleen T McDonald, David P Wall, Per-Erik Mellander
Jack Nolan,
Mark Plunkett, David P Wall
Tim Shiel
Irish Fertiliser Manufacturers Association
2018 Fertilizer Focus
201711 Feb 2017Soil Fertility Priorities
Lime on Heavy Soils
Nitrogen for Winter Barley
Revised Teagasc Advice
P & K for cereals
Fertiliser Spreading
Grassland Soil Fertility
Farm Safety
PJ Browne
Ger Courtney
Richie Hackett
David Wall
Mark Plunkett
Dermot Forristal
John Maher
John McNamara
2017 Fertilizer Focus
20166 Feb 2016Soil Fertility is Crucial
Sulphur for Grass
Soil Fertility trends
Soil Fertility on Heavy Farms
Pig Manure
Soil and Fertilizer for tillage crops
Fertilising grassland for profit
Farm Safety
PJ Browne
John Bailey
Mark Plunkett
Ger Courtney
Gerard McCutcheon
David Wall
Andy Doyle
Christy Watson & Fiona Doolan
John McNamara
2016 Fertilizer Focus
20157 Feb 2015Versatility with Nutrient Management
Efficiency to Reduce Costs
Can & Urea
National Soil Fertility
Fertilizer Product Choice
Slurry Application
Fertilizer Spreading
Micro-nutrients for Grassland
Paddy Casey
Tim Sheil
Harold Kingston & Thomas Ryan
Patrick Forrestal
David Wall
Mark Plunkett
Stan Lalor
Dermot Forristal
Mark Tucker
2015 Fertilizer Focus
20148 Feb 2014Plan Ahead to Reduce Costs
Avoid K holidays
Nitrates Changes
P & K for Cereals
Predicting soil N supply

Sulphur for Grass
Soil Fertility Case Studies
Paddy Casey
Jerry McHoul
Mark Plunkett
David Wall & Noeleen McDonald
& James Humphreys
Jez Wardman
Mark Plunkett
PJ Phelan
2014 Fertilizer Focus
20139 Feb 2013Key Role of Fertilizer
FH 2020 & Fertilizer
Soil fertility and Offtake
Fertilizer spreading
Recycling Fertilizer Packaging
Farm Safety
Organic Fertilizers
Soil Testing
Stan Lalor
Noel Culleton
Stan Lalor
Emmanuel Piron
Liam Moloney
Mark Plunkett
John McNamara
Mark Plunkett
Mark Plunkett
2013 Fertilizer Focus
201211 Feb 2012Balanced Fertilizer Applications
Spreading Fertilizer
Crops Nutrition Management Course
Nitrates Compliance Q&A
5 Steps to Soil Fertility
Farm Safety
Fertilizer demand under FH 2020
Plastic Recycling
Stan Lalor
Eamonn Galavan
Mark Plunkett
Terry Carroll
Mark Plunkett
Jerry McHoul
John McNamara
Trevor Donnellan & Kevin Hanrahan
2012 Fertilizer Focus
201112 Feb 2011Fertilizer Use Trends
New Crop Nutrition Course
Fertilizer Spreading
Soil Fertility Trends
Pig Manure
Farm Safety
Soil Organic Matter
Kieran Murphy
Mark Plunkett
Dermot Forristal
Stan Lalor
Gerard McCutcheon & Richie Hackett
John McNamara
Mark Plunkett
Bill Brogden
Jerry McHoul
2011 Fertilizer Focus
Archive of Supplements published annually by the Fertilizer Association of Ireland in the Irish Farmers Journal

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