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Soil Nutrient Programme

When devising a fertilizer programme the soil fertility status must be known on foot of regular soil testing.
The amounts applied can then be determined to ensure optimum yields without causing environmental damage.
There must be full recognition of all sources of nutrients, both organic and inorganic.

Index 3 is the target Index for Soil test P, K and Mg

Soil Index System for P, K and Mg for Grassland and Tillage Crops (Morgan’s soil test)

Regular soil testing is very important to help maintain a balance of nutrients in the soil.

Index Phosphorus (P)
Grassland Tillage All Crops All Crops
1 0-3.0 0-50 0-25 0-3.0
2 3.1-5.0 3.1-6.0 51-100 26-50
3 5.1-8.0 6.1-10.0 101-150 50-100
4 >8.0 >10.0 >150 >100
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